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Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa is a company specialized in monitoring, obtaining and processing Internet traffic data.

It is one of the most important and authoritative internet services. It catalogs the importance and popularity of websites using an index.

With this service, you can know different metrics of any blog or website, but mainly its popularity.

For that Alexa uses a value called the "Rank or Alexa Index."

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa uses a numerical indicator to assess the traffic, success and popularity of the sites, not isolated pages, but the domain they belong to.

It is called "Alexa Traffic Rank" and known as Alexa Rank.

It is a value that the smaller it is, the more important it will be.

A site with a Rank of 15,000, indicates that among the millions of Internet sites existing globally, it has the number 15,000 place.

Some examples of the scale:

- Sites that have just started or have been running for a while, but are not popular, their Alexa value can be between 1 to 6 million. They have a maximum of 100 000 visitors per month.

- The most trafficked sites have a value below 100 000. At least one million monthly visitors.

- Sites that are below 20,000 have high traffic. At least five million monthly visitors.

- Sites with a rank lower than 1000 are those with the highest traffic in the network.

Alexa says that her statistics are pretty reliable, only for sites below 100,000 Rank.

The Alexa Rank of a website can be used to calculate approximately your monthly visitors. Read in another article how to do it: How to know the daily visitors of a website.

Check Alexa rank (Alexa Rank Checker)

Here we have this tool to check the rank of Alexa (Alexa Rank Checker), through it you can check up to a quantity of 10 sites simultaneously, all this for free.

Alexa Rank has the option of being able to analyze your websites; you can also generate very personalized reports which are deliverable for your clients.

AlexaRank does not calculate its popularity through keywords or metadata, but rather the range of the page that is calculated using a combination of the unique daily visitors and the estimated number of page views on the site during the last three months.

Being an important measure that helps you measure your SEO efforts.

This online tool is here to help you position your website, which is very important if you are looking for good results that are worthwhile.

The tool is used completely online, in fact, you have the option to add ten domains that you wish and check them through Alexa Rank Checker, it is a very fast process that you must perform to make use of this excellent tool.

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Check the Alexa Rank of up to 10 websites at once. It is the easiest and fastest way to simultaneously collect Alexa Rank, inbound links and the status of various websites. Use this Alexa Rank verifier to analyze your websites or to generate customized delivery reports for clients,

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