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AVG Antivirus Checker

The concept of antivirus is used in the field of computing with reference to software that is able to search for and eliminate viruses in a computer system. It should be noted that these viruses are programs that are stored in the memory of a computer with the aim of damaging data or altering the normal operation of the computer.

It can be said that both an antivirus and a virus are computer programs. While viruses are harmful, antivirus programs aim to counteract their effect. In this way, they are in charge of looking for viruses to block their actions. They can also disinfect files that were already corrupted by the virus.

Antiviruses, on the other hand, have a preventive function. When a person has an antivirus installed on their computer, the software can constantly monitor and warn if a virus tries to access the system through a file. This way the user manages to prevent the infection.

AVG Antivirus Checker

You will be able to carry out an online analysis of websites, and through it, you have the option to search for viruses on your website or third parties, in this way you will have your visitors in a safe navigation, you can also Check the security of websites you visit.

AVG antivirus has a large number of users, no less than about 100 million users around the world, something has to be noted that it is one of the first 100% free online antivirus on the Internet.

This AVG Antivirus Checker tool is widely used by Webmasters, so their sites can always be kept very clean.

scan your website by AVG Antivirus Checker, which is one of the best-known security products, is 100% free and there are no limitations while dealing with a non-commercial environment, through this you can easily scan any web page.

You can enter with this tool, up to an amount of 20 WEB addresses, which can be inspected to know if they are free of viruses or malicious codes in it.

All you have to do is enter all the addresses you want to check, "AVG Antivirus Checker" will give you the peace of mind that your site is clean of and not infected by any Virus or Malware.

We are concerned about the safety of our users. For that reason, we put at your disposal a fantastic antivirus to check if a page is infected. Remember that if you enter a website with a virus or a Trojan, your computer can be seriously damaged.

This antivirus uses the AVG company's technology to analyze and detect any possible threat. With this free antivirus, AVG can check any domain for viruses or some malicious codes. Also, it is a tool that can massively analyze domains, so you can include up to 20 URLs and analyze them at the same time. It's fantastic, right? Remember that if you want to continue researching a web page, we also offer other excellent and valuable tools like this Google Malware Checker.

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