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Google blacklisted around 9,500 to 10,000 websites a day. Are you one of them? Have you visited a website that was on the blacklist? If you do not take good care of your website, every day increases the risk of having it on a blacklist.

Many people take advantage of a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) (such as WordPress, Joomla, and others) because they were informed that it would be very easy to establish an online presence. That concept is as good as bad. Owning and managing your online presence is an important responsibility, and Google also feels responsible. As a result, you quickly place a notification if you think your website may harm your users. Google has responsibility for the billions of users who use its search engine worldwide and can not afford to be known as the search engine that allows sharing harmful things globally.

With this Blacklist Lookup tool, we have the option to have a blacklist that has been used very widely, which also has a fairly high accuracy, here we have compiled the IP addresses of mail servers that have had an activity that can be compared with spammers.

Check the IP address of your site and if it is inside a blacklist, although that does not mean exactly that you are a spammer. Now, when an IP is inside a blacklist, it is most likely that it has metrics with a very bad reputation, and it is precisely for this purpose that this tool can serve us.

What you should do is enter the IP address of your server through "Blacklist Lookup Tool," then you will start checking the IP address, and you will be told if it is on the blacklist ... Or not. It is one of the Free SEO Tools.

Is your website penalized or registered in any of the main blacklists? We provide you with this fantastic free tool that lets you know if a web page is posted as such in any database. This can be very useful to know if a page can be penalized by SPAM.

Why can my webpage be on a Blacklist?

If a web page has adult content or suspicious material, it can be penalized, so it would be advisable to review a complete database like the one we offer here. Our tool will review the main blacklists to see if your website is in any of them.

You just have to enter a URL and click on the button. Wait a few seconds, and you will have the result of each one. Have you behaved well on your website? Discover it here!

The ROT database checks if your domain is in a real-time spam blacklist and who you can contact to dispute the block. This RBL database search shows you specific blacklists and their names, along with contact information to make sure that your domain name is removed from the RBL.

Note: Use our awesome Reverse IP Domain Checker tool to know the domains that are sharing the same IP with you.

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