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Broken Links Finder

This SEO tool, " Broken Links Finder SEO Tool," is very popular because it serves to make an analysis on your website and analyze the broken links of the website and thus avoid page 404 on your site.

Having this type of useless links is something can become very dangerous for your site, and of course, affects your website rank in any search engine we can mention.

Having good links is something very difficult to control, but it is considered as part of the key to the success of your site.

With this Broken Links Finder tool, you have the option to find within the URL of your website, inbound links that are broken and thus be able to repair them and also show the outgoing links that no longer lead anywhere.

"Broken Links Finder SEO Tool " will help your site to be more optimized for search engines and gives the best user experience and it is also free 100%

When you click on a link that is supposed to take you somewhere, however, instead it takes you to another location or displays a 404 error message, this is a broken link. The most popular reasons for a broken link include, but are not limited to:

The destination website is not permanently available.

The destination web page has been deleted.

The permalink of the destination web page has been modified.

Broken links are very unpleasant for the end users of your website, and can damage your ranking.Use this broken links finder to quickly locate any broken links on your website so that you can correct any defects quickly. All you have to do is enter your URL and press enter.

The Broken Links Finder allows you to analyze any web page containing any broken links. These links can be very dangerous to your website and affect you negatively in web positioning. You already know that link building is one of the most challenging aspects of the SEO world and is key to the success of any web page. If during your crawl, the Googlebot finds a broken link, it can be a negative signal.

Remember that not only the links that point to your website are important, but you must be very careful with the links that come out of it. Check your website every day to see if you have a broken link.

Broken links from other websites?

Another fantastic function of this tool is to detect broken links from other websites. You can try to find reference pages of your topic and review them looking for broken links. If you find one, you can always notify the webmaster of the website and offer a better resource than that lost link.

If you cannot find out which is the contact email of the webmaster, you can always use our free Whois Checker tool to search the whois.

Note: For better results in search engines to your website, you must be sure that you have a high text to code rate. You can check that by using our Code to Text Ratio Checker.

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