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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is used to determine the range that a website can have, it is achieved through the age that a domain may have.

It makes a lot of sense to think that if a website is older than others, it will have a little more experience and credibility, with which we can obviously say that the credibility we have towards its grows.

We can say that if a domain has been registered for more than a year, then there is more confidence that we are talking about a lot of stability for our web pages.

when it comes to the way a search engine looks at things, the age of the domain is considered as a very important point to take into account.

Precisely this tool called "Domain Age Checker" serves for this, you just have to copy the URL, and you will discover the age of the domain.

About Age of a domain

The antiquity of the domain has a vital role regarding the web positioning. For Google, it is more than one factor, along with many others, to determine the authority of the web. So, it is a tip that we must have when analyzing a domain. For this, we will need to resort to tools like the one we present to find out the age of a domain.

How to know the age of a domain?

With our SEO tool for domains, you have it very easy. You just have to paste the URL of the domain you want to analyze and click on "Send." In a few seconds, you will receive the information you need, and you will see when that domain exactly was registered for the first time.

Data provided by the tool

After analyzing the web, you will have a table with the following data:


The year of the domain

The date on which it was first purchased

The date on which it was updated

The date of expiry

This last date is good to keep in mind if you are interested in a domain and want to be aware of when it will expire.


If you would like to analyze another domain, you just have to click on the button, and you can try again.

One of the most important factors used to determine the website rank is the domain age. It makes sense that older websites have more "experience" to increase their credibility, in the same way, that domains registered for more than a year confer more confidence to the stability of the website. In the search engine eyes, the age of the domain matters!

This free Domain Age Checker tool will tell you quickly when a domain was created and when it was last updated. Just enter the URL of the domain you want to analyze and press send.

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