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What is a domain

A domain or domain name is the name that identifies a website. Each domain has to be unique on the Internet. For example, "" is the domain name of Google's website. A single web server can serve multiple web pages of multiple domains, but a domain can only point to one server.

Domain Into IP Tool

Is an SEO tool that shows us the IP address and the information that the domain has, in the same way, it locates the country in which the server is located and even the ISP that owns the web page.

What you should do is paste the name of the domain, and then click send.

So the server that we are talking about will finally end up becoming the IP address in which it is hosted.

This tool is very useful when we are talking about SEO.

The good thing is that "Domain Into IP SEO Tool" can be used completely free, and you do not have to download it, in fact, you can use it completely online, that is, through your Internet browser.

Many people are confused about what a hostname is and what a domain name is. But in this article, you will find things more easy.

A domain name can be divided into sub-domains - for example, Once you have a domain, there is no reasonable limit to the number (or names) of the subdomains that you can create. A subdomain can be assigned to a host server - for example, a PC, you can make s subdomain called In fact, many subdomains can be assigned to the same host server. The way in which subdomains are assigned to a host server is to create a record in the DNS (domain name servers) that registers the name of the subdomain and the IP address of the host server.

On the Internet previously, each subdomain would have a unique IP address, so it was common for a host server to have only one sub-domain. Nowadays, the common practice is to have many subdomains with your same IP address. It is also common on the host servers to have www subdomain with the same IP address.

A hostname is the unique name of a server. When the host operating system is configured, it is assigned a name. This name may reflect the main use of the host. For example, a host server that converts hostnames to IP addresses using DNS can be called, and a host server that is a web server can be called When we need to find the hostname from an IP address, we send a request to the host using its IP address. The host will respond with its hostname.

Note: You can know all the information you need about any domain name by using our excellent Whois Checker free tool.

Remember: domains with unique IP rank higher in search engines and makes the site faster than many other sites.

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