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Email Privacy

The application "Email Privacy," that comes to do as a " checker of the privacy of the electronic mail," we speak about a tool that can help us to check through our web page, the privacy of electronic mail, this is very useful for the protection of the webmaster.

That is to say, it tells us about the privacy of email on the website and its security. If we need a better approach to SEO, we must understand that an email identifier is not necessarily found on web pages, this is because spammers may try to use this form against you.

Email is very important in everything related to SEO, for this reason, this tool called "Email Privacy" is also considered as a first need to avoid some infection or attack by spammers.

You can use it online, and it is 100% free.

The checker of the privacy of your email checks if there is an email on your page and protects any webmaster regarding security and privacy issues. Depending on the use of your website and its function, it may sometimes be advisable not to have a visible email on your website to protect from possible SPAM. If you want it to be that way, this tool will ensure that your email is safe from any spammer at a glance. It is clear that there are other ways by which they can access you, but this first level of security and privacy of your email is always recommended.

This should not be a surprise anymore, but your email is not private. In fact, it is one of the lowest secure communication methods you can use. Conversely, phone calls are usually not recorded and stored, and even if they were, your employer and law enforcement would have to go to court to have access to them.

Emails are stored in several locations: on the sender's computer, on the Internet service provider's (ISP) server, and on the recipient's computer. Deleting an email from your inbox does not mean there are not several remaining copies out there. Emails are also much easier to obtain for employers and the police than telephone records. Finally, because of their digital nature, they can be stored for very long periods of time, so think twice before writing something in an email that you do not want others to see.

The simple fact that we use an email service for free, where you do not pay for a secure, encrypted and unique server space, would allow them to access your account whenever they want. The only reason why they would not do so would be for ethical reasons, but not because the law forbids them.

There are even systems that continuously check every corner of what is in the inbox of our account. A good example is that anyone who uses a Gmail email will notice that advertising and suggestions appear on the side and that, usually, they are related to the information that we have stored in the account. What they want Say they are actively looking at your data, what you receive and what you send.

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