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About GEO IP Locator

GEO IP Locator

GEO IP Locator tool offers you a free service so that you can locate the clients that visit your website. In this way, you can provide appropriate content and services in each place.

Find Stolen Phones:

Unfortunately, the IP location is not precise enough to allow you to find a mobile phone that has been stolen or lost.

Also, as the cell phone is a mobile device that can be moved to different places at different times, it is impossible to follow up in real time.


Find an IP through GeoIP:

This tool uses geolocation technology by IP or GeoIP, allowing to track and identify the geographic location of a computer through its IP.

Although it is a modern technology, it has precision limitations: 0.2% margin of error to identify the country, 7% error to identify the state and 15% error to identify the cities.


Locate the server of a website or domain:

You can easily find the location of the servers of a certain website. For example, try placing ""  in the "GEO IP Locator" tool.


Track IPs of type IPv4 and IPv6:

In addition to finding the location of computers with IPv4, the system is also able to find computers that use IPv6 type IPs.

Test using two IPv6 servers from Google DNS: 2001: 4860: 4860:: 8888 or 2001: 4860: 4860:: 8844


Are you looking for the best IP Geolocation services? If you want to locate IP address, you cannot miss this service, because it will let you know through an IP, the exact place from which that person is connecting.


What is an IP address? Maybe you've ever asked yourself this question. Do not worry more; we want to get you out of any doubt. IP Address (Internet Protocol) is an identification number that defines you within a network, whether it is internal (a network of a home, office, business) or external, facing the Internet.


An IP address is a unique number that identifies a computer that is connected to a network. The moment you connect to the Internet, you will have an IP that identifies you.


But this does not end here because through an IP address it is possible to obtain information such as your country, your city or IPS provider.


Visualize visitor data from your website by assigning multiple IP addresses on maps from your website registry using our batch interface. Just open the records of website visitors in any spreadsheet editor such as Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or OpenOffice Calc; and copy/paste the IP addresses and other associated data into our easy-to-use mapping tool.


The maps generated from our interface are much more precise and interactive than those included in Google Analytics and similar platforms. Also, our flexible interface allows you to juxtapose data in any number of custom ways on the map. You can save the map hosted on the free hosting, or save the data in a Google Earth KML file for secure storage on your system.


What geolocation data are used?



City Name

Zip Code / Postal Code

Latitude and longitude

Note: If you want to know the IP of any domain, you can use our Domain into IP tool to know that.

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