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Get Source Code of Webpage

Get Source code of Webpage is a tool with which you have the option to visualize the HTML source code that any website has. Probably you have a page that does not allow the option of obtaining the source code, through this tool you can have the possibility to see it.

Through this tool, you have the option of being able to visualize all the features that another web page has, thanks to the analysis of its source code.

This HTML code of the website can be viewed before the browser analyzes it. Using this 100% free SEO Tool, you have the option of being able to visualize if your competitors make use of some tricks, scripts or you can also visualize if they are using pages to redirect themselves. All you need to do is enter the URL of the site in the corresponding box.

When you enter a page, you can observe text, images with a beautiful and careful design. However, behind all that surface, lies a source code that represents its structure.

This source code is the one used by search engine robots to read all the information about your web page. For example, through the source code they take out the Meta Tags and they will determine how to index your websites.

What does the source code viewer do?

Our Get Source Code of Webpage tool can take any URL and deliver the source code in HTML in a simple and clean format. That way, you can see if you have an error in your code and if you need to improve it in some way. It can also be very useful to compare with other sites because sometimes, they have that function blocked and you cannot see it without tools.

Undoubtedly, this is the easiest way to determine if your entire structure is correct: links, headers, codes, alts of images and a long list of elements that must be in our code correctly for a good reading by all types of bots.

We have created a unique tool that will display the source of any website in a matter of seconds. Simply enter the full URL of the site and let our tool show the full source code of the website.

Using our Get Source Code of Webpage tool, you can also find many things like the name of the target site, Google Analytics code, Alt image tags, Google Adsense code and much more.

What is so special about our "Get source code for web page" tool?

Our tool is fast, free and accurate. It provides the source code of a web page in a matter of seconds only. Any webmaster can use our tool to see the origin of the page of any website and check what is below the beautiful web page! Registration is not required.

Note: If you need to take a full image of your website without any software or apps, you need to try our Website Screenshot Generator tool that will make it in a matter of seconds.

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