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Through Google Malware Checker SEO Tool, you can make the detection of all types of malware that may be hosted on websites you are visiting; this includes your own site in which you do much business.

This is one of the 100% free SEO Tools, through it, we can have a secured commercial reputation, where there are many threats that we can consider as potential. We have for example phishing, where you can get to include financial fraud, also the violation of intellectual property, data theft from consumers, and also inflicting viruses.

This application is very useful in SEO, that is to say, that to position yourself well in the search engines, you must worry about having a completely clean content that does not alienate people from your website.

You can use it online, and 100% free, that is, without the need to download the application and its name is "Google Malware Checker SEO Tools."

About Google Malware Checker

The Malware is some computer programs that are designed to cause some damage to users. Normally, its main function is to steal information, modify the operating system, install applications or even fully control the computer.

What types of Malware are there?

According to the actions they perform on the infected user's system, we can classify them into three types:

Virus: inserts part of its code in programs that the user has. Thus, the user can run programs and, at the same time, the virus if it is infected.

Worms: it spreads automatically by all types of devices connected to the main system, as well as networks, hard drives, social networks, etc.

Trojans: they pretend to be a legitimate program, but they have a contrary objective.

How to avoid being infected by Malware?

You must be very careful when you browse the Internet. Try to avoid downloading and installing unknown programs without having previously analyzed them. Also, do not follow links of suspicious origin that have arrived through emails or messages. Protect your system with some programs and look for security solutions such as firewalls or antispam filters. Finally, be very careful with the web pages that you get into.

How to know if a web page is infected?

To identify infected pages, you will need a tool like the one we present to you. Our system is connected to Google to check if a web page is infected or not. If you have any suspicion, you just have to place the URL in the space indicated above and click on "Send." Then, we will send that page to the Google Malware detection tool, which will open in a new window, and you will receive all the necessary information about the security of that website. Once you have checked your security, you will be able to visit this website without the danger of infection. If it was not safe, we recommend not visiting that page.

I hope you like this tool that will prevent you from getting suspicious malware into your computer or on your website.

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