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Keyword Density Checker

With this tool " Keyword Density Checker SEO Tool," which it is possible to measure the density of keywords, and helps us to solve the errors we may have, but through it, we have the option to identify them perfectly, so we can make all the corrections that we can consider as appropriate.

Through this tool " Keyword Density Checker SEO Tool," is that we have the option of being able to enter a URL or we can also paste an article, we just have to choose the number of results that have the keywords, and this will appear, also the number of words per sentence.

It will take a few seconds for all the results to be shown, and we can also visualize counting and density using the words and phrases that are used more frequently.

As you already know Keyword Density Checker SEO Tool is 100% free that you can use online

What do we understand by keyword density?

We could define the density of keywords as the percentage that tells us the ratio in which a specific keyword appears concerning the total number of words in the text. For example, imagine that we are writing a text about "SEO." If we write this word 25 times in a text of 1,000, we will have a density of 2.5%. It's understood pretty well, is not it?

What is the competition doing?

Whenever you search for something on Google, you only see which rows. You do not see the hundreds or thousands of pages that have been filtered by pushing too much.

If you are in the dark at what density levels are reasonable, consider modeling your focus after what is working right now.

Search your target keyword in Google. Take 5 of the best-ranked pages of the search results. Analyze each of them in a separate tab using this tool. Keep in mind that some high-trust brands rank more based on their brand strength than the content on the page. If you are creating content for a new and less reliable website, it would be better to put more weight on The results of lesser & lesser-known websites that still managed to rank well on Google.

What should my keyword density be?

There is not a single percentage of optimal or universal keyword density. Each search query is unique, and search engines compare (or normalize) documents with other documents above to determine some of their specific thresholds. Some keywords such as "credit cards" appear naturally as a two-word phrase, while other terms may be more dispersed. Also, some highly reliable websites with great knowledge, strong usage data, and robust link profiles can escape with more repetition than smaller and less reliable sites.

From a corpus of confidence of internal content (such as the internal search of a site or a database of known well-known authors of reliable content), greater is better from a large corpus of external content (such as web search). In general, where many people have an incentive to try to play the system), less is better.

Note: After posting your SEO based article on your website, you should check its position on search engines by using our Keyword Position Checker tool.

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