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About Link Price Calculator

Link Price Calculator

This SEO tool is very useful for Webmasters; it is " Link Price Calculator," through it, you can consider the reputation of each site based on the age and classification of Alexa traffic, including the links of it among others.

Probably you are the owner of a website you would like to check the price of your domain, although it may also be the advertiser, then you would be very interested to know how much it charges or pays for each specific link each month.

This tool will help you determine the approximate amount you must pay (or charge) per month for a text or ad link at a specified URL.

In this way, you can get an estimated price where you can have the option of more control of what is related to your website.

What you should do is enter your URL in the corresponding site, then you must click on the button that says "Check, " and the process will begin.

This tool can be used and help in your SEO work for your site, and it is worth taking it into account.

Key concepts to understand the price of a web page

Briefing:  A house cannot be done without plans, and a web page cannot be done without a briefing. Without a briefing, it is very likely that the web does not like the client and the poor designer has to repeat the work with what we end up losing both time and money.

Time: business is assembled thinking in the medium and long-term. If you want to set up a web page to make money in 2 months without spending time and money, you can't do that. Yes, some people can because they already have knowledge and experience to do it but those are very few, and I think most will not stop to read this article on how to calculate the price of a personalized web page because they already know it.

Money:  As I said, making money online requires an investment. If you only have money for the website, forget about investing. A business requires the design of the website and the actions to get traffic and that this traffic reports a benefit. Unless you know how to do it saves a monthly item for this because otherwise, I predict 0 sales.

Personalization:  Not everyone or all web design companies know or want to create personalized web pages. Think that if the website costs less than € 600, what you are going to have is an almost raw template with which little knowledge you will do.

Return:  If you invest € 300 that you think you will return, Be realistic. A person who leaves you a template as such has not designed a web page focused on sales and personalized. A real project needs investment, and more if we want it to sell well. In case you want to start and do not have a large investment now, we will see possible alternatives, but I tell you that they are all dedicating a lot of time and effort.

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