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IP address is a number that identifies a device interface (usually a computer) within a network that uses the IP protocol (Internet Protocol), which corresponds to the network level or level 3 of the model. OSI reference. This number should not be confused with the MAC address which is a fixed hexadecimal number that is assigned to the card or network device by the manufacturer, while the IP address can be changed.

Internet sites that by their nature need to be permanently connected, usually have a fixed IP address, that is, it does not change with time.

Public mail servers, DNS, FTP, and web page servers should have a fixed or static IP address , this allows their location on the network.

Through the Internet, computers connect to each other through their respective IP addresses. However, humans are more comfortable using another notation easier to remember and use, such as domain names; the translation between one and the other is resolved by the DNS domain name servers.

IP address

There is a protocol to assign a dynamic IP address called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). IPv4, in version 4, an IP address is represented by a 32-bit binary number (IPv4). IP addresses can be seen as decimal notation numbers: the 32 bits of the address are divided into four parts.

The decimal value of each octet can be between 0 and 255 (the highest 8-bit binary number is 11111111 and those bits, from right to left, have decimal values ​​of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128, which totals 255).

Through the use of this tool " My IP Address," you have the option to find in a very simple and fast way the IP address you have.

When you are shown all the results, you will have the opportunity to view your IP address; it will appear as if you were viewing a large set of numbers, you also have a map and certain information where you can see the approximate location of this IP address.

This can serve you in web positioning for a variety of different purposes; this may include the following:

- To receive technical support - To enjoy online gaming games

- In the use of certain remote desktop applications


- To be able to detect proxy servers

It is even possible to make the entry of a domain, so you can see what is the IP address that is associated with any website with " My Ip Address ."

Our visitors have to know their IP addresses for many reasons, including games, technical support, remote desktop connection, proxy detection, see if their address has changed or if they are running their email server. If you need to run your own email server or web server, it would be best to have a static IP address.

On the other hand, an IP VPN (or virtual private network) can also be used as an added security network. Visitors often arrive here to do an IP Address. Search to find the location of an IP address. Some may have received a spam email and want to learn how to track an email. Others may wonder how can I change my IP. Whatever the reason for your visit, you are welcome.

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