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Page Size Checker

Page Size Checker is a tool that helps us to check the size of a web page; it is a useful tool for your SEO work and also free.

If the loading of your website is considered a bit slow, through this tool, you have the option to check the speed of your website.

Through this heavy page, it can give rise to a bounce rate, since through it the users of the Internet manage to have zero tolerance for sites that load very slowly.

A web page that has an average of 12 KB is considered small and is loaded in a way that is considered very fast.

Here you have this tool that you can use completely free, just enter the URL of your site, and immediately you will receive the size it has.

It is estimated that a small average web page size is 12 KB and that it will load very quickly. The most media on a page, the larger the page size will be and the slower it will load. Videos, images, audio, graphics, flash and other forms of embedded media will increase the size of the page.

First, it is important for the health and performance of your website that you know the size of your website, but how do you know the total size of a website? That's where the inspector's website page size or page size comes into play.

About Page Size Checker Tool?

One of the fundamental aspects of the success of a website is its loading speed. In this sense, there are several factors to consider, but there is one key: the size of the webpage. So, it is very important to know the exact size of our website.

How can we know Page Size of our website?

With our tool, you can find out the size of your website in a few steps. You only have to add the URL of the page to be analyzed and click on " Send ." Next, the tool will be put to work and will tell you the size of your website.

If your website is loading too much time, you should work to reduce the size. Try to check the size of all the images and reduce them, if necessary.

According to the CMS that you use, you should also check the code of your web page, because you may be loading it with unnecessary plugins. Remember that you should try to reduce the size of the web so that the load will be faster. This will favor you in the face of search engines and users.

We hope you know that you know almost everything about the total size of the website and its importance to check the size of the website online. However, do not forget to leave your feedback that is necessary for the improvement of our tools and website in general.

Note: You must check that what your website looks at different resolutions. You can do that through using our Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator, to give the best user experience.

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