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Here we have this tool "Page Speed ​​Checker," through it; you have the option to explore the load time and the speed that a web page can have, this is something that is considered the most important to SEO.

Google indicated that the more speed the page, you get a benefit in positioning, not sites that are extremely slow.

The user can also have a better experience through a website that loads faster, for this reason, we consider this vital importance.

With this Page Speed Checker tool, you have the option to realize the speed that a web page can have, the good thing is that you can use it for free. "Page Speed ​​Checker," it is free.

Our awesome Page Speed Checker tool will help you analyze the loading time and speed of any site. From an SEO point of view, the speed loading of a page is a fundamental aspect. Google has made it clear that a higher web speed benefits the site compared to slower ones.

Also, the loading speed also influences the user experience. Think that if your website is slow to load, people will tend to close it much earlier, so your bounce rate will go up a lot. Remember that Google takes into account the user experience when positioning a web page.

What is the purpose of this Page Speed Checker tool?

Our tool to determine the speed of a website performs a test load to check each of the elements of your page. So, you can see which are the fastest or slowest elements, as well as those that weigh more and less. That way, any webmaster can detect where the website fails and optimize it to the maximum.

You must bear in mind that the size of the web is also a very relevant factor for the speed of it. If you want to check the size of your page, you can use our Page Size Checker tool.

Why does the loading speed of your website influence the success of your web business?

1.- Google looks at the loading speed of your website

Don G. increasingly refines search results and penalizes slow pages. It is a factor that can improve our SEO positioning. Google looks at the UX, and that's why it wants to show the best websites at the top. High load times help our rebound percentages increase.

2.- With high load times, dropouts increase

If our page takes a long time to load, we have many possibilities for the user to leave before the web page is fully loaded. If we are lucky that the user has waited, it increases the chances of him leaving while surfing it.

3.- Less web loading speed = more loading time = less sales

Amazon has studied that for every 100 ms plus load, it loses 1% of its total sales. If you want to sell something you have to be quick showing so that the user does not lose the attention of your product.

Note: use our Server Status Checker to make sure that your website is always online.

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