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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker is part of the 100% Free SEO Tools that you can use; it is a tool that you can check your IP address and realize if you are using shared hosting services, which will show you the domains and links of all the sites that are sharing the same IP address.

When a website is presented that is considered problematic, then an icon will appear through which you will identify the type of risk to which you are exposed. You can even reveal it using that icon when there is possible malicious content that should be taken into account.

The tool is very useful, and it is not necessary to download it because it can be used completely online. Its name is "Reverse IP Domain Checker," and you only have to enter the URL of your site to perform the verification.

This tool will check the IP in which the domain you want to analyze is hosted. Just add the URL of the domain, click on the button and the system will check your IP and the domains that are hosted on it.

Why are we interested in knowing the domains of the same IP?

It is clear that with this  Reverse IP Domain Checker tool we could find domains of a specific person, but we will not give more clues about this. If we have a shared hosting, it is very interesting to control the domains with which we share it. According to some SEO experts, neighboring domains can affect our domains. After all, they are hosted on the same IP. Also, you should think about the limited resources that are on that same hosting and that are shared among several people, as well as the misuse that can make of that IP in particular.

Do you see any icons? This is what it means:

This icon indicates that the suspicious site has been reported to contain malicious content. Sharing an IP address with a website that has been informed of malicious content will affect the Page Rank of your website. This icon indicates that the suspicious site has been reported to contain a virus. Even though your website does not contain a virus, share an IP address with a website that will not affect your Page Rank. This awesome icon is not something you want to see. It means that you are sharing an IP with a website that contains porn. Adult content is filtered by the search engines, which will affect the Page Rank of your website.

Shared Accommodation vs. Dedicated and SEO

Certain types of sites are intentionally blocked by the search engines, and this may result in the accidental blocking of other websites that share the same server or IP address. If a high page rank and optimization for the placement of the home page in the search engine results are important for your website, Then it is better to use dedicated web hosting. This tool is useful for identifying websites that share an IP address with your domain and for notifying you of any potential risks that may affect your page rank.

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