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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator is a web spider simulator for search engines; you can display the content that a web page has in the same way you would through a search engine.

There is a lot of content and also links that can appear on web pages and not be visible to all search engines, as an example we can mention all that content that is completely based on flash. Other content that is generated through JavaScript, or even the contents that can appear in the form of images.

It is also possible that we can see hyperlinks that are likely to be followed by the search engines, this may arise only when making visits to certain web pages in particular. You just have to enter the URL to Spider in the field that is requested.

You can use Search Engine Spider Simulator SEO Tool for free 100% to help you with SEO in the work of optimizing your project.

Have you ever wondered what the search engines see when they look at your website? There's a bit of information that search engines spiders do not see, and the way your website looks when indexed by search engines is very different from what you (or visitors to your website) you will view.

With this Search Engine Spider Simulator tool, simply enter the URL and click on a button to view your website through the "eyes" of a search engine spider. You may be surprised to discover that your website content based on Flash or JavaScript is almost invisible, as well as pictures.

Viewing your site through this prospect can help you find errors in your web design that can prevent your website from being displayed to targeted search engine users as a relevant result.

This Search Engine Spider Simulator robot allows you to analyze what the crawlers of the different search engines, like Googlebot, see when they crawl your web. We could say that basically, they simulate that they act as a bot and you can see your page as they would do. In this way, you will be able to understand perfectly how you should structure your page as webmasters.

What information can I find?

The simulator collects the essential information for any spider. You just have to put the URL you want to analyze and you will see:

Your title (or meta title)

Your description (or meta description)

The keywords (or meta tags)

The labels of the headings, from H1 to H4

Outgoing indexable links

The content in the form of text

The source code in HTML

So, you can see in a very simple and fast way if you have some kind of error facing the main search engines. Remember that you cannot fail in this aspect if you want to be successful in capturing organic traffic.

Note: Another thing that can affect your ranking in search results is broken links on your website, you can see the exact number of broken links on your site using our Broken Links Finder Tool.

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