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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool

This tool is quite simple to use and quite useful if you want to convert URL from dynamic to static. Static URLs are easier to remember and share. But if you have designed and built your system to rewrite the URL, make purchases or register or fill out the forms, in that case, no, it will be advisable to rewrite your site.

As the name itself says, "URL Rewriting Tool" is one of the 100% free SEO Tools that helps us rewrite a URL because through this tool we have the option to convert the dynamic URLs we have, in ones that are more static.

Sometimes our URLs are too long; here we can convert them into one that is shorter but above all that is static. You should know that having a static URL is better than it is dynamic since this helps users to remember them easily.

You will also have better results with them for the search engines. You only have to write your URL in this tool, and then rewrite it by clicking on the "Check" button. It is very easy, and you should not make any payment for the use of URL Rewriting Tool .

About URL Rewriting Tool

The SEO rewrite tool helps you rewrite the dynamic URL. It is quite flexible and easy to use. The URL Rewriting Tool uses the Apache mod rewrite module to convert long complex dynamic URLs into searchable static HTML friendly URLs.


Why is it good to have clean URLs?


There are two very strong reasons for you to rewrite your URLs. First is related to search engine optimization. Search engines seem more comfortable with URLs that do not contain long query strings. URL rewrite rules are used to convert dynamic URLs into search engine links. These static friendly URLs for search engines are ranked better in search engines and can attract more traffic since they always look more friendly to end users.


A URL like http://www.domain.com/4/basic.html can be indexed much easier, while its dynamic form, http://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/gen.php? Id = 1453 & view = Basic, can confuse the search engines and cause you to miss possibly important information contained in the URL, and therefore prevent you from getting the expected ranking.


With clean URLs, search engines can distinguish the names of folders and establish real links to keywords. The parameters of the query string seem to impede the attempt of a search engine to perform the indexing. Many SEO professionals agree that dynamic URLs are not very attractive for web spiders, while static URLs have greater visibility in their "eyes."

How does it work ?

It is known that static URLs are better than dynamic URLs due to several reasons :

- Static URLs are usually ranked better in search engines.

- Search engines are familiar to index the content of dynamic pages much slower compared to static pages.

- Static URLs are always friendlier for end users.

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