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About Website Screenshot Generator

Website Screenshot Generator

About Website Screenshot Generator

The screenshot generator allows you to capture any webpage quickly and gives you an image or thumbnail. This free tool is very easy to use, so you just have to paste the URL, and we will do all the work for you. After analyzing the webpage and making the photo, you can save that image in jpeg format. For our part, we will not add any watermark to the images, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

Why do I need a Website Screenshot Generator?

On certain occasions, it is very useful to have this type of tools on hand to share the image of certain websites. It may be that we simply want to capture a specific moment from a specific website or that we want to share it through social networks.

You will also have the opportunity to download the image as a ZIP file. Our free Website Screenshot Generator tool of the website is the easiest way to take a copy of the page. Nothing to download and install, the entire will be online. We access your link and convert it to a high-quality image. Using our Website Screenshot Generator helps you get a full page screen capture quickly, with no need to install additional software on your PC.

Who else need a screenshot of what is being seen on your desktop, something that we can simply do by pressing the Print key. Pant of our keyboard, but in many other circumstances, this action may not be worth to capture certain content. A clear example is when we want to capture a complete web page, we would have to make screenshots of what is visible on the screen and then join them in a single image.

Undoubtedly this is a hard task and also requires the use of some image editing applications to join all the necessary screenshots to capture the entire site, so we will show below different ways to make a screenshot of a full web page.


The first of these is to use third-party applications that offer us the possibility of capturing the pages we visit. These are vertical motion captures that automatically do more or less the same thing that we would have to do manually, make several captures and then mount one followed by another.

However, these applications perform this type of capture automatically, resulting in an image with the complete web page. Some tools such as our tool offer this feature.

Service or web application

But if what we don't want to install anything on the computer, we can also use some of the web services that offer this type of captures by just indicating the URL of the site we want to immortalize. You can do that by using our Website Screenshot Generator, so you can easily test them by just accessing them from the links and indicate the URL of the site from which we want to make a complete screenshot.

Note: You can use our Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator to know the exact look of your website in users devices.

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