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About www Redirect Checker

www Redirect Checker

Domain redirects are a common practice in the world of web design, used for different reasons, ranging from pursuing a specific goal of online marketing to the restructuring of a website.

For proper effects of SEO, redirects play an important role, being those of type 301 the most recommended by experts and by Google itself to favor the transfer of PageRank from one URL to another.

Today we want to share with you www Redirect Checker, a tool used to analyze the type of redirection used in a given domain or URL.

www Redirect Checker offers a simple and accurate answer to a question, often asked by owners of directories and webmasters and it alone will be able to check a URL that we have and show us the three main types of redirects:

Redirect 301

Redirect 302

HTML redirect (meta refresh)

It is a very useful tool. We only have to write the URL of our domain in the respective box, and after this, we can do this check that we need, the tool will show us the results immediately, where we can appreciate the options of redirection to our website.

This tool for SEO is one of those that can be used online, that is, you should not download any type of content, only do it directly from your web browser. Www Redirect Checkers SEO Tools is free in charge of checking the URLs and those that redirect you towards it.

We have the best 100% free SEO Tools, which we can have a better positioning of the website.

About www Redirect Checker

Have you checked if your website appears correctly whether they add www or not to the address? Do you know if a user can reach their destination in both ways? Do you know if the search engines interpret both directions as from the same web?

When we manage a web page, we must ensure that both addresses, with the www before or without them, direct to the same site. Surely you can imagine the complications that would imply not doing it. This can be a big problem both for users and search engines. For example, we must make it clear to Google that one of the two forms is the main one, the one you have chosen. Therefore, the alternative form must redirect to the main one. We should do this redirection from the first moment, and thus we will avoid future headaches.

Does your web page redirect correctly?

To check if your page has the redirection correctly configured, you can use our www Redirect Checker tool. To do this, you just have to place the URL in the space that you will see above and click on the button. Next, our system will analyze the domain and tell you if it is well configured or not.

Note: Another important thing that can damage your site and make it spam to Google and other search engines is that there is malware on your website. Make sure that your site is clean by using our free Google Malware Checker tool.

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